Human Resources Policy;

Our priority is to choose and put into a place people objectively by considering human resources strategic planning which is approved by strategic plans of company. Our another aim is to increase motivation of people, who feel themselves as a true member of company and think that they are belong to this company spiritually, with seminars.

One of our policies is to create a group which is composed of people who have competent personality with a career system focused on internal sources and to reward and honor this group by evaluating their effort. Being a successful, different and preferred company with this policy is only possible with operability of human resources systems with integrated people who are approved constantly by management.

Mission of Human Resources;

As the pioneer establishment in iron – steel sector, ASKON IRON –STEEL provides every opportunity for its personnel to help its personnel complete their individual and professional advancement. The Mission of Human Resources is to be the most preferred company by personnel with high qualification.

Vision of Human Resources;

Our main aim is to provide continuity of pleasure of personnel, which is the biggest element in our company’s success, by creating a prideful atmosphere and also to be the most preferred company in iron – steel sector and to protect our statue there and this is possible by helping our personnel, who always aim winning and are customer oriented, responsible to society and members with moral values, improve themselves and discover their potential.

You can send your CVs to the address below for job application;