This is the manufacturing method which is perfomed with processing operation by using special equipments to cut and drill.

We perform many operations in our steel services center with our experienced team by using equipments with the latest techonogy.

Operations are;

  • Tapping
  • Counter slink
  • Chamfer
  • Crosshatching ( surface)
  • Canalization
  • Stamping
Vertical Operation Center Machinery:
Vertical operation center (800x1600x630mm of dimensions)
Vertical operation center (1020x2110x880 mm of dimensions)   


A production approach that never compromises the cost quality...

Askon Demir Çelik Servis Merkezi Services

Askon Iron- Steel Central Servicing Services
Working as a “Steel Service Center”, Askon Iron- Steel has been providing services to its clients with the European High Standards, including CNC Cutting Processing , CNC&NC Guillotine-Press brake, Surface Machining and Welded Production services. We have been performing these services perfectly thanks to our experienced and professional personnel,shipping of products on a certain date, affordable prices and, the most important, working principle oriented on clients’ happiness. We respond expectations the market during production and machining process. We use power of technology on every area of life and keep an eye on innovations constantly.